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Basel II

We trained the employees of a financial services IT centre. Calculated the risk weighted assets using a model portfolio with varied collateral and different credit risk approaches to explain the calculation of risk weighted assets.

Market risk of securities and derivatives

We coached the employees of trading and banking book credit institutions regarding the manual calculation of the market risk of a model portfolio.

University of Hamburg, Department Economy and Policy

Guest lecturer at the University of Hamburg in International Finance. Lecturing in the study course „Master of International Business Administration“. Lectures in „Investment and Finance“ and „Selected questions of financial management“ are given in English language.

HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration

Guest lecturer at the HSBA in investment and finance and Basel III.

Educational program in Southern Africa

Initiation, implementation, control and further development of the program for a large South African bank in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe. The goal of the program is on the one hand the early acquisition of potential junior management employees and on the other hand to increase the practical know-how of students about working in the financial services industry. The program comprises - among other things - lecturing exam preparation courses at different universities in Southern Africa, preparing and administering the examination for the admission to the program, defining and deciding on relevant projects in cooperation with employees of the bank, supervising the projects by weekly progress reports and assessing the achieved results in cooperation with the South African bank.

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